Kamis, 29 April 2010

Enough for Animal Print. Its Time for ABSTRACT ATTACK!

Everybody knows, animal print menggila tahun ini. Dari mulai runways, sosialite di malls, ibu-ibu penjual cabe di pasar, sampai si monyet yang beraksi di lampu merah, semua pake animal print. So do I. I do love the animal print.

But NOW, its time for ABSTRACT! I love abstract motive. The shapes, the colors. And I think they never out of date. I feel so artsy when I wear something abstract. Recording to wikipedia, Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Begitulah katanya.

Am in love w abstract, karena ada ekspresi yang bebas didalamnya, i love the colors, wild shapes, color blocks, etc etc. Dosen Saya bilang, kamu harus menguasai gambar realis dulu sebelum kamu menggambar abstrak. Yes, yes, I will, Sir.

Marilah kita memanjakan diri dengan warna warni dan semangat abstrak. ABSTRACT EVERYWHERE. ABSTRACT ATTACK! Beware!


[all pics taken from the net]

Rabu, 28 April 2010

The Hectic Solitude.



The most complicated hectic solitude tht i ever had.
I just wnna throw it from my head and go asleep.
My giant old and the black bird and the dino and the fox and the kite: stop moving.
And then they taps. A professional tap.
I think the floor is broken.
They laugh.
Never stop.
Until they realized.
They're empty.
Feel so empty.

tap. tap. tap.

I will save yr soul, Mamabear...wait for me!


Senin, 26 April 2010

I Called This: A Family Nite Out!

Who doesnt know Radiohead? Or ever once heard High and Dry...

"Dont leave me high... Dont leave me dry...."

Salah satu dari lagu Radiohead yang paling easy listening. Saya yakin semua pasti tahu. Rite? Nah, seorang teman, dengan tingkat fanatisme yang tinggi, hehe [peace, Jar Mey], mengundang c'COrD untuk bermain di event yang dia adakan untuk mengumpulkan 10.000 tandatangan sebagai salah satu bentuk support kepada Adrie Subono untuk mendatangkan Radiohead ke Indonesia Aaaah, suatu niat yang mulia, bukan? And this is it! In the holy nite, April 25th 2010, semua berkumpul di IBC Cafe dan sing along! Its very touching, mannn.

c'COrD plays with their honestly, just like usually. I really proud of them. It was something that cure my homesickness to enjoy they life performance...[ayo silahkan, siapa lagi yang mau mengajak Kami manggung....hhe *ngiklan*]. Mereka berjalan di awan sambil bersenandung: JUST! [yeayy...], Always in Mind, Horny Feel, Paranoid Android, and TRAPPED! An awesome songlist.

Yep. Semoga Adrie Subono berhasil membawa Radiohead ke tanah pertiwi ini. Amin.

I love c'COrD.
I love the Panic.
I love my friends who have comes.
I love every single conversation that we made. Also the chill beers.

I love this family nite out.


thx to Arie Syarifudin for the great photo works!

Kamis, 22 April 2010

If I Were Carrie Bradshaw...

Kalau Saya Carrie Bradshaw, Saya akan tetap menyimpan dan memakai kaos Rolling Stone Saya dengan jeans mini skirt plus classic converse seumur hidup.

Kalau Saya Carrie Bradshaw, Saya akan menikahi Aidan dan tidak akan berselingkuh dengan Big. Artinya, Saya tidak akan menikahi Big. Pria berselingkuh tidak pantas untuk dimaafkan. No excuse. TITIK.

Kalau Saya Carrie Bradshaw, Saya akan tetap membiarkan rambut Saya panjang dan tetap berwarna keemasan.

Kalau Saya Carrie Bradshaw, Saya akan mulai menulis sesuatu yang BESAR. Bukan tentang sex atau New York City, tapi sesuatu tentang life learning yang lebih DALAM.

Kalau Saya Carrie Bradshaw, Saya pasti senang sekali. Karena bisa menulis hal yang Saya sukai setiap hari dan mampu memakai Manolo Blahnik. [Fyi, 5 hours with 5 centimeters heels is my killer time. Hehe. Hail to flatshoes! Yippiieh!].

Kalau Saya Carrie Bradshaw, Saya akan meniup balon dan menerbangkan layang-layang. Di jalanan Kota New York.


Selasa, 20 April 2010

Everything Happen for a Reason.

Yes. Saya setuju dengan statement itu. The key of spiritfull words when I feel down. Hollywood Nobody menjelaskannya dengan manis di dalam album pertama mereka yang baru saja di launch. And am in love with it. Totally!

Saya membayangkan, launching album Hollywood Nobody ini dalam suasana teaterikal nan dramatis. Ciee...eh tapi beneran loh. Just feel the artwork of their album. Feelin old town and vintage. Jadi teringat folk art, mime, street musicians, story telling and marionette.

Vintage memang so so so last year, tapi bagaimana dengan vintage yang dibikin modern? Haha. Membayangkannyapun Saya jadi merinding sendiri. Bagus juga kayaknya. By the way, album Hollywood Nobody is the must buy item. One of the song on the album, Telescope: SUPERB! Modulasi reffrain yang cukup rumit untuk diikuti, hehe. Tapi Saya masih mencoba menyenandungkannya walaupun masih sumbang. Haha.

Dan malam itu, saat Saya menonton Hollywood Nobody bersama myMom, myLilsist, dan my beloved chinese friend, Sureen [please dont be mad of me if I call u like that, darlin...hehe] am realized and imagine this: mime dan street musician in vintage dress, menari dengan gaya marrionette.

I love u Diantra & Iru Irawan.



you’ve been alright
without me all along
the fact that upsetting
yet a lil bit releaving
time is a mystery
space is a myth
cant be sure where you’re going
the darkness tells me nothing
we’re walking on a different tracks
heading to a different space and time
and i can see you’re doing okay
though i’ll be using telescope
capturing your moves
deliver love you might not received, not received..

pics: Hollywood Nobody Docs.

Kamis, 08 April 2010

What is Yer Colorfull Fashion?

Today, a friend asked me about: COLORFULL FASHION. She need my advice for her fashion show or some event like that. I said, colorfull theme is a very wide theme. Lets focused it. Colorfull could be related with: flowers, balloons, loolypops, 90's fashion, childhood, Harajuku, rainbow, wanna look like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga? or choose hippie style, or lets mix that polkadot with houndstooth with tartan or with anything [use yr imagination] and many many many mooreeee ideas....

But if you still confused and only asked for:"Just'colorfull fashion', please!", so, my friend, you are totally FREE too decide what will you wear. Red bowler hat + rainbow stripes shirt + mix material necklaces + acid washed short + red rubber boots... anythings with colors! It's so simple, rite?

Or try this one: go to GOOGLE and find out what people think about colorfull fashion. I already do tht, and take a look what i've found... the magic of colors, shines in every beautiful pictures. Enjoy your COLORFULL fashion show, Monic....[:

Colors is anything and everything. What is yr fashion color?


[pics from the net]

Rabu, 07 April 2010

My Future Crafty Studio.

I had been so long... felt so infatuated with everything that is called - or look like ---- crafty, handmade, ecletic and the studio! A place where I was able to create and store all my craft items. Can you imagine? Something make my stomach CHURN at the sight of all these photos! My future studio. Amin. Amin. Amin [:

Minggu, 04 April 2010

10 Things I Miss About My Dad---of a million things that i missed.

1. Daily calling. He always call me at 7-8pm. Asking about my place to sleep today. At home or at my rent room? Sometime I get sicked, when He calls me 3 times a day to asking the same questions. Haha. But I do really miss it now. Please call me, Dad.

2. The conversation. We have some Dad-Daughter weird relationship. Maybe because we have same words, same friends. My fav conversation w him is about art and life. I know, he more spend his time w his student—also my friends—to talk about that topics. Uhm it’s so pity me. And because of that, now, I can see my Daddy at many people around me.

3. Cooking time. Dad and my Mom oftenly doing the nite shopping. They like to shopping at traditional market on the night. And my Dad woke me up and my little sist to eat some fresh shrimp with spicy sauce at 12am! [:

4. His black cropped pant, black t-shirt and sandal jepit! His daily wardrobe when he’s not working. He often spent time to care for his plants and fishing equipment. He always forgot the time. When I woke up at dawn, He’s still at backyard, cutting the leaves, giving fertilizer, etc etc.

5. His criticism and praise. One day, I exhibited my recent experiments to my Dad, he said my work was not good. Tears on me. That works kinda difficult for me! Huhu. But one day, when He said my work: good, great, wonderfull… there’s nothing more happier than that.

6. He likes pickles, so bad. Onions, chilli, cucumbers pickles, and more pickled vegetables.

7. I miss my Daddy and his mustache! His thick and wavy hair! His exotic color skin! And the way He hold the chopstick and eat Thailand noodles with his fav black bowl, the way He slipped His reading glasses….

8. His deep voice.

9. His writing and artwork. He’s my biggest inspiration, after my beloved Grandmother.

10. Our last conversation. He asked me: “What is the most important thing in your life?”. I never told Him about my answer. I keep that for myself. Dad, the most important thing in my life is: LOVE.

Today is the 52nd my Dad’s birthday. But we no longer celebrate with dinner or special gifts or happy birthday song at midnight… Now, we have new ways to celebrate it: with PRAYS and LOVE. Although physically my Dad is not here, but blood and part of his soul is still flowing in my body and the people who loved him. Love U so much, Dad. Happy Birthday.

drs. Djuandi Husin [April, 4th 1958-June, 7th 2008]

Jumat, 02 April 2010

A Story About Koala, Wolfmother, and an Allergic

It's an ironic. Having an allergic to somethng that we work/life with. It's so pity, if the Koala having an eucalyptus's caterpilar allergic. And its a poor wolfmother, if she is a furry allergic. And me, allergic of cotton's dust. Errr, not only cotton actually, for every kind tiny winy dusty fabric that i cut everyday.

But: I love my allergic. [As wrote on the sticker at my allergic Doctor's room]. The suggestion is important, rite?

I do love my allergic.


Chainfalls and Tutus

My accecories design for DIY page Cosmogirl Magz.
Will be published in May's edition!
Can't hardy waittt! [:

it's feel W.O.R.M-y

New Necklace Collections from amithevintagist

photos & editing by ami
place: Klub Keramik Rusa Tanah

My Future Project

This is another fairy tales.

My patchwork world.

My future project.

Kelinci Coklat

Once upon a time, in a shinny morning, a Brown Bunny met the Cyclops. They said: "We love pancake breakfast with maple syrup and blackberry lollypop". For a while, they laugh like the crazy cheetah. Kinda scary actually.

Kelinci Coklat dan Cyclops. Dalam sebuah dramatis moment, diterangi spotlight, bersetting hutan cemara dan rumput yang berbau basah, mereka berbaring menatap langit. Kelinci coklat bernama Chicko dan si cyclops sebutlah bernama Garry. Chicko seperti seseorang yang datang dari tahun 1960. Bergaya seperti gadis-gadis di Virgin Suicide. Primitive fairy. Sweet, peaches, soft, fragile, but also mysterious. Dan Garry, terbuat dari vintage wood dengan kepala yang terbuat dari bola berwarna merah.

They're frozen. Untuk sejenak, Chicko dan Garry merasakan the touch of Bohemian. Ada arus darah yang mengalir deras. Jadi kesemutan. Tidak bisa bergerak. Jadi mereka hanya terdiam. Seperti ketika minum frozen smoothies, dinginnya meluncur langsung ke seluruh bagian kepala. Kram otak. Tapi Chicko dan Garry tidak hanya otak yang kram, tapi seluruh badan. Touch of Bohemian Yang demi Tuhan, apapun bentuknya itu, rasanya seperti menemukan Poppy and Loop.

The blackbird sing.

Sudah waktunya pulang. Kelinci coklat kembali kelubangnya, di dalam tanah. Dan cyclops kembali ke piringnya, terbang ke stairy night.

This is Very Quick: Tasty Dream,

"Hi Charlie"

"Hi Billy"

"Hi Monks"

Dan mereka semua berjalan disebuah imaginarium. Satu orang satu langit. Charlie, Billy, MOnks. Berlayar di atas gondola. Diantara sungai-sungai dengan permukaan air beriak seperti ekspresi wajah sedang berteriak kesakitan. Aw. Cerita yang agak menakutkan. Gondola berwarna emas. Sungai dan anak sungainya berwarna keperakan.

Charlie. Billy. Monks.

Berjalan di atas bukit. Di tanah Tibetan. Mereka hanya memakai kain sari dan bertelanjang kaki. Jalannya mereka berupa loncatan-loncatan kecil, aspal jalanannya panas. BUkan aspal, tapi rumput sintetis. Terbuat dari serat fiber yang lengket dan lembek tapi mudah sekali menyerap panas matahari.

Seperti peniti-peniti dalam segitiga fiber glass. Semuanya transparan tapi bikin gerah dan perih.

Life is just a simple dream. Tiga sahabat itu keluar dari balik cermin. Mereka melompat ke atas ayunan, berayun tinggi. Tertawa lepasssss.