Minggu, 04 April 2010

10 Things I Miss About My Dad---of a million things that i missed.

1. Daily calling. He always call me at 7-8pm. Asking about my place to sleep today. At home or at my rent room? Sometime I get sicked, when He calls me 3 times a day to asking the same questions. Haha. But I do really miss it now. Please call me, Dad.

2. The conversation. We have some Dad-Daughter weird relationship. Maybe because we have same words, same friends. My fav conversation w him is about art and life. I know, he more spend his time w his student—also my friends—to talk about that topics. Uhm it’s so pity me. And because of that, now, I can see my Daddy at many people around me.

3. Cooking time. Dad and my Mom oftenly doing the nite shopping. They like to shopping at traditional market on the night. And my Dad woke me up and my little sist to eat some fresh shrimp with spicy sauce at 12am! [:

4. His black cropped pant, black t-shirt and sandal jepit! His daily wardrobe when he’s not working. He often spent time to care for his plants and fishing equipment. He always forgot the time. When I woke up at dawn, He’s still at backyard, cutting the leaves, giving fertilizer, etc etc.

5. His criticism and praise. One day, I exhibited my recent experiments to my Dad, he said my work was not good. Tears on me. That works kinda difficult for me! Huhu. But one day, when He said my work: good, great, wonderfull… there’s nothing more happier than that.

6. He likes pickles, so bad. Onions, chilli, cucumbers pickles, and more pickled vegetables.

7. I miss my Daddy and his mustache! His thick and wavy hair! His exotic color skin! And the way He hold the chopstick and eat Thailand noodles with his fav black bowl, the way He slipped His reading glasses….

8. His deep voice.

9. His writing and artwork. He’s my biggest inspiration, after my beloved Grandmother.

10. Our last conversation. He asked me: “What is the most important thing in your life?”. I never told Him about my answer. I keep that for myself. Dad, the most important thing in my life is: LOVE.

Today is the 52nd my Dad’s birthday. But we no longer celebrate with dinner or special gifts or happy birthday song at midnight… Now, we have new ways to celebrate it: with PRAYS and LOVE. Although physically my Dad is not here, but blood and part of his soul is still flowing in my body and the people who loved him. Love U so much, Dad. Happy Birthday.

drs. Djuandi Husin [April, 4th 1958-June, 7th 2008]

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  1. Beautiful post. I'm in tears reading this :'( Missed him too.. <3