Kamis, 08 April 2010

What is Yer Colorfull Fashion?

Today, a friend asked me about: COLORFULL FASHION. She need my advice for her fashion show or some event like that. I said, colorfull theme is a very wide theme. Lets focused it. Colorfull could be related with: flowers, balloons, loolypops, 90's fashion, childhood, Harajuku, rainbow, wanna look like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga? or choose hippie style, or lets mix that polkadot with houndstooth with tartan or with anything [use yr imagination] and many many many mooreeee ideas....

But if you still confused and only asked for:"Just'colorfull fashion', please!", so, my friend, you are totally FREE too decide what will you wear. Red bowler hat + rainbow stripes shirt + mix material necklaces + acid washed short + red rubber boots... anythings with colors! It's so simple, rite?

Or try this one: go to GOOGLE and find out what people think about colorfull fashion. I already do tht, and take a look what i've found... the magic of colors, shines in every beautiful pictures. Enjoy your COLORFULL fashion show, Monic....[:

Colors is anything and everything. What is yr fashion color?


[pics from the net]

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