Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

This is A Real Story About Me and My 'lost'Friend.

Dear My Friend,

Actually, I'm a 'boyfriendship' person, not really a 'girlfriendship' person. Saya merasa lebih nyaman berada di boys teritorial. Dan itulah sebabnya, sampai saat ini Saya tidak punya banyak sahabat bergender perempuan. Pity of me.

Once upon a time, I've met one girlfriend. I think she's kinda same with me, also look a like me! I'm not joking, people oftenly think that she as me and me as her. Hem. And I also think that we have --almost--same story of life. We both virgo, 1st child on a family tree, having a double family, almost same interests. I though that's many sames can make us a couple of best friend.

But, I dont know, what happen with our relationship. Everything changed. Some misunderstood, some silences, some shit happens. We never talk each other anymore. But honestly, even we're not currently noted as mutual friend again, I still thinking of her. When her ex boyfriend/also my best friend get married, I cry like a baby [why? Maybe, I can feel her feeling or I thinking about the past time. How we spend many time together, how we passed the bad time together].

So happy to hear that you're okey and so damn fine with your complicated life. Eventhough, you must be so sad and desperate inside. I now it, dear, I can feel it also. Denialed everything is one way to run yr life. But it's okey as long as can make you more tough. It's very ticky when you said you have to hide me on yr fb account because you dont want to see anyone who could remind you to your exboyfriend. And I try to understand it. And its getting more ticky when you still keep everyone but me who can reminding you to yr exboyfriend! It's kinda hurt, u know.

Hmm, I wrote this letter, because I had a bad dream last nite. And you're inside my dream as an angel and I'm as a devil who maintain my self existence. Hmm. Maybe it's representating one of my feel about our relationship. Mad or sad? It's show me that there's a chapter of my life that disturbing me alot.

I miss U girl. And I hope, one time, we can meet, talk, hug. I hope u're always fine w yr life. I pray for you.

Ps: just courious, are you even thinking about this? Or it's just me and my Virgo's curses....

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